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WATER SALT GRAIN was the inaugural exhibition of Narture, at DOUGH of four artworks all viewable from the windows outside the gallery at 22 Sandgate, Ayr.


WATER and SALT are compounds essential for all life, GRAIN is the cause of us becoming settled societies. All three ingredients are taken for granted in daily life.


Narture commissioned artists to looked at these crucial ingredients.

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Presenting new work by a range of artists, WATER SALT GRAIN looks at our relationship with these three ingredients, using the lens of art to investigate their place in today's world.  A Covid friendly exhibition, viewers are invited to view, listen and interact with the works from the street looking into the gallery and online. Our inaugural exhibition sets the tone of how we aim to reanimate Ayr town centre through art projects, cultural activities and experiences. 

Logarhythmic by Pär Carlsson is a digital/organic hybrid sonic sculpture celebrating and investigating the relationships between biological and technological behaviour. The work explores  a conversation between naturally emitted sounds & technologically produced, synthesised tones; conceptually giving water a voice of its own. Using data produced by dripping water, organic sounds are resampled, morphed and restructured while  a backdrop of synthetic sounds are triggered and constantly manipulated by the complex rhythms of the dripping water, resulting in a beautiful soundscape filled with surprise and reflection.

In the adjoining window Sean Zelle invites us to consider the importance of everyday food stuffs on a broader level. Sum of the Parts juxtaposes imagery of the core elements that constitute the makeup of bread. The video installation begins with macro shots showing individual components, water, salt & grain, contextualising each part. Overlaid micro views then allow the viewer the explore the hidden beauty within these ingredients, nodding to their shrouded significance. Bread has an inextricable link with our existence, being one of the earliest prepared foods in human history, evidence of which being found from 30,000 years ago and is also still the largest contribution to the worlds food supply. Zelle allows us to honour and ruminate on these origins while contextualising them in the modern day through technological materials. 


Along the side of DOUGH and facing BREAD our experimental bakery,  Rosa Moxham's Rudiments reflects on the objectives of Narture, namely ‘artists doughing it for themselves’. Many artists & freelancers are trained in hospitality to earn the income to personally fund their artistic practice. Narture at its core suggests instead a societal reframing of the arts as equally import to traditional work avenues, allowing artists to be independent and earn a living from their practice; utilising their skills & creativity. Rudiments touches upon the three ubiquitous ingredients that make up bread/ dough investigating their place and changing meaning in the contemporary capitalist landscape.

Finally Danna presents Symbiosis an exploration of water, salt and grain through the use of sound, movement and visuals. With contributions via sound from Carlsson and visuals by Zelle. The performance centres on the exploration of the dynamics of these elements through the language of movement and responds to them with improvised choreography. When combined, these elements exist as bread- an important metaphor for our functioning as humans, just as the three components of this collaboration form a symbiotic relationship- each informing and depending on the other.

WATER SALT GRAIN was curated by Saskia Singer.

Featuring Works By:

Sum of the Parts
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body artist and designer


writer and performance poet

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