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Sourdough Bakery

Narture Sourdough Bakery at 3 Cathcart, Ayr was our first permanent space, which was completely renovated in June 2020.


It has gone through a series of transformations from our first experiments of 'proving our cause' that baking sourdough can earn the dough to fund arts projects. Our bakery produce is made at 3 Cathcart Street and retailed from our cafe, across the road at 22 Sandgate, Ayr.


It is part of our mission to address the problem of the catastrophic impact that empty shops has on social wellbeing, loss of services, jobs and economy. 


We are committed to reducing waste and minimising our environmental impact, by looking at our food waste in a circular manner. For example- making KVASS- a fermented drink made from end of day bread and also donating our bakery produce to local food banks. 

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Malted Seed

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Blackthorn Salt Focaccia 

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Cinnamon Danish Pastry

We do much more than bread, find out more below...

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