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Sean Zelle

About the Artist

The work that our AV artist Sean Zelle produces on an individual capacity is often based on interaction, with the use of complex lighting systems, where the art is based on the movement of the viewer. He also has a keen interest in producing motion and graphic design. His work with live visuals has taken him on UK club tours, to concert halls and to festival mainstages.
Sean’s practice is based heavily in new media and interactive art and is strongly informed by electronic music and club culture. This fusion creates a body of work that is often based in a live setting; regularly born out of collaboration with electronic music producers, DJs, and performers.

Sum of the Parts

About the artwork

This video installation juxtaposes imagery of the core elements that constitute the makeup of bread. Macro views are shown of the components: water, salt and grain, contextualising each part, before they are overlaid with micro views, showing their hidden beauty as a nod to their shrouded significance. The work invites you to consider the importance of this everyday food stuff on a broader level;  bread being one of the earliest prepared foods in human history, evidence of which being found from 30,000 years ago. It is also still the largest contribution to the world’s food supply. Bread has an inextricable link with our existence.

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