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About Us

Narture was set up in June 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic, founded by artist father and daughter team Robert and Saskia Singer. The project evolved  initially from occupying empty town centre spaces and re-purposing them for cultural and creative uses. Nurturing a thriving and successful social enterprise, where 'everyone is an artist' and are encouraged to use their creative energies towards positive change.
Narture’s ultimate goal is to become a truly inclusive creative hive, making participatory cultural activities available to all members of society.

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We have evolved out of a series of pop up events in vacant spaces in Ayr over the past 8 years. Driven by the Beuysian notion ‘everyone is an artist’, encouraging people to use their creative energies towards positive change.

Our aim is to encourage creativity and critical thinking as a model for how we can re-imagine vacant spaces, by breathing new life into them and highlighting the rich history of Ayr. 

Encouraging Ayr Town Centre regeneration as a vibrant, interconnected, socially engaged market place, focused on experiential retail and cultural tourism.


Our manifesto is to support creativity and critical thinking; to raise breadwinning entrepreneurs, do(ugh)ing it for themselves.
The project aims to support inclusion and community cohesion within Ayr. 

We are committed to utilising all surplus profits to fulfilling our concerns of making creative activities accessible to all.



Our vision is to establish sustainable income sources to provide fair work employment and spaces that provides opportunities to learn new skills and meet new people to:

Creativity is essential for social cohesion and town centre interaction and regeneration which is our core purpose. 

make • show • interact

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