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About the Artist

Danna is a body artist and designer. Her practice revolves around the use of the body and its role within our environment. Through movement and material manipulation her output ranges from physical performance to garment and costume construction. Combining these elements allows her to investigate the significance of our physical experience and the aspects of it which bind us to our place in society.


Danna views the body and its capabilities as an endless canvas; one to be bound, stretched and perforated into reincarnations of our everyday experience.


Instagram: @conkuntion

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About the artwork

Contributions via sound from Carlsson and visuals by ZelleDanna’s artwork for Narture is an exploration water, salt and grain through the use of sound, movement and visuals. Danna will explore the dynamics of these elements through the language of movement and respond to them with improvised choreography. When combined, the elements exist as bread- an important metaphor for our functioning as humans just as the three components of this collaboration form a symbiotic relationship- each informing and depending on the other.



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