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Pär Carlsson

About the Artist

Pär Carlsson is an audio producer, working in the fields of sound installation, sound design, and music composition. His practice is often influenced by the relationships between the organic and synthetic, nature and technology. The aesthetic of his work is often dense, spacious and offers the listener a space to reflect, believing audio is a powerful tool to evoke emotion.

Instagram: @pear_shapes


About the artwork

Logarythmic is a digital/organic hybrid sonic sculpture created by Pär Carlsson, celebrating and investigating the relationships and complexities between biological and technological behaviour.
This piece attempts to conceptualise a conversation between sounds emitted from nature, and technologically produced synthesised sound, giving water a voice of its own through the interaction of nature and technology. Using data from the dripping water, sounds from nature are resampled, morphed and restructured while synthetic sounds are triggered and constantly manipulated by the complex rhythms from the dripping water. The resulting soundscape is one of surprise, beauty and reflection.
A previous version of the piece was shortlisted for the John Byrne award for presenting a ‘persuasive new idea’ (2020).
Materials: Water, Wood, Arduino, Max/MSP, Ableton Live

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