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Check out our current exhibitions, future and large archive of previous projects over the past 8 years including- Dough Art Space, Bread Arts Laboratory, Queens Court and Fresh Ayr. 



Introducing “Walkabouts” by local photographer Matt Fraser, now on display at Make 30 Newmarket St! Matt’s photographic journey began with the emergence of mobile phone cameras, evolving from casual snaps shared on social media to refined captures with his Fujifilm system camera.

After 15 years of honing his craft during leisurely strolls around Ayr, Matt is thrilled to present a small selection of his works in our Make Gallery. From Facebook posts to gallery walls, witness the transformation and immerse yourself in the beauty of our beautiful local town in his photographic narratives, prints available upon request.

Whether you’re an art enthusiast or simply curious, your feedback is valued as Matt continues to grow as an artist, so please pop in, have a chat and let us know your thoughts.


Check out our exciting programme of upcoming exhibitions.

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View our vast archive of projects ranging from art, installation, poetry, music events, residencies etc in a number of pop up spaces in empty properties over the past 8 years, breathing new life and purpose into them, providing inspiration of what they could be used for next.

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