Rosa Moxham

About the Artist

Rosa Moxham is a Glasgow based artist, writer and performance poet. Her practise uses cut and paste methods interwoven with anecdotes to create relatable narratives often regarding issues faced by workers in precarious industries.


Rosa Moxham enjoys working as a collective and has participated in a number of collaborative projects which has lead her to become the ‘writer in residence’ at Narture where she uses writing to create artwork, spark conversation among the other artists and record and research for our various projects.


Instagram: @ostr1chlady


About the artwork

Rosa Moxham’s ‘Water Salt Grain’ poem stems from the objectives of Narture’s project itself, namely ‘artists ‘doughing’ it for themselves’. Many artists and freelancers are trained in hospitality to earn their wages when instead they could be harnessing their skills and work on cultural projects, like the ones Narture is bringing to life. This would allow artists to be independent and earn their living from art, using their skills and creativity. To reflect this, Rosa’s poem touches upon the 3 ubiquitous ingredients that make up bread, or dough, a metaphor for ‘making a living’, and investigating their place and changing roles in the modern world.


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