Laura McGlinchey


Laura McGlinchey

Opening: 28 May 2021, 

Closing: 1st August 2021

Laura McGlinchey’s PAPER CAVE is opening to the public on the 28th of May at midday.


Visitors will be allowed to go into DOUGH art space on 22 Sandgate, Ayr, where the exhibition is held and view the intricate work that has gone into the building of the Paper Cave.

Using every day recycled materials Laura has been building PAPER CAVE since the 3rd of May, weaving a structure with cardboard and strips of paper from printed material, and putting them together with only water and flour. As the space takes a life of its own, the cavernous structure is then painted with thick paint. The work comes together as a sculptural painting with an element of performance art.

The glass frontage of DOUGH is key to facilitating the involvement of the audience as well as engaging with the community on an on-going basis. The public is encouraged to see the process unfold, and therefore to feel connected to the piece in a way they otherwise might not in a traditional white cube setting. The installation taking around 4 weeks to complete,  McGlinchey has covered the walls and ceiling of the space, transforming it into a densely worked, cave-like environment.


Combining natural ingredients like flour and water alongside everyday household materials like shaving foam, washing up liquid, PVA glue and leftover emulsion paints Laura explores chemical reactions to create colour, texture and pattern in her work. Using a a unique process of using paper loops when building up the surface of her cave, McGlinchey builds each section inch by inch. She later covers the surfaces with lashings of paint, encouraging gravity to take a part in the formation of the colourful landscapes that compose the installation;  “Gravity is one of the main materials that I work with; it hugely contributes to the transformative nature of the work and increases the element of chance that already comes with painting.”


There is a primitiveness of processes inherent to painting. Laura engages with the primitiveness but - with the luxury of modern-day technology, easily accessible knowledge, dry shelter and – perversely - a largely wasteful, consumer- driven society. Harnessing the abundance of free materials and information available for makers, the artist has resourcefully taken influence and adapted processes and materials that are said to have been used in the first known paintings and sculptures. "By ripping apart, sticking together, painting, adding and removing matter," Laura McGlinchey states her artwork, "metaphorically represents common practices of our everyday life."

PAPER CAVE is curated by Saskia Singer.

Photo and video documentation: Lee Boyce.

3D Scans: VR Survey.