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David Pirie- Bsc hons, Pgdip Herbal, PgCert, Craniosacral I & II

After qualifying from The Scottish School of Herbal Medicine in 2000, I have practiced and taught herbal medicine in Ayr and Edinburgh. Currently I teach Herbology at the Royal Botanic Gardens and Anatomy & Physiology and Nutrition at the College of Naturopathic Medicine, both in Edinburgh and also run a busy herbal practice in Edinburgh. I have travelled to India several times to study Ayurvedic Herbal medicine which is the main focus of my herbal practice. I am also qualified in Craniosacral therapy levels 1 and 2 and incorporate this in my practice. 
I am passionate about nature and health; particularly preventative medicine through right living, nutrition and herbs and run wild foraging and herbal walks. We each have our uniqueness represented as our constitutional balance. It is the aim of Ayurveda to determine your natural constitution and cure or prevent illness through maintaining the correct constitutional balance with diet and herbs. Once this has been established you will be healthy in body, spirit and mind.
Craniosacral Therapy and Ayurveda complement each other as modalities of excellent health. I am also a qualified Hatha Yoga instructor and am passionate about spiritual wellbeing, regularly running meditation and breathing (pranayama) classes.

It is our birthright to live a happy, healthy life. Nature is the true healer. Living in harmony with nature through diet and herbs brings health and wellbeing.

Consultations & Treatments

Herbal Medicine (Ayurverda) 1 hour £50
Craniosacral Therapy             1 hour £50
Therapeutic Massage (ITEC) 1 hour £40


(half price for those in receipt of benefits)

For Herbal Courses, Wild Foraging and

other classes please visit our events page.

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Contact David direct to book in with his various services available at Narture Studios, 34 Newmarket Street, Ayr.

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