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Andy Mitchell Hypnotherapy and Coaching

Andy is experienced in showing his clients how to achieve rapid and elegant change in their life. This is done using hypnosis and other techniques to facilitate change at an automatic level.
Working with Andy you will discover how to:

• Lose unnecessary habits, doubts and fears.
• Put your feelings about the past behind you.
• Improve performance in your business, personal and social life.
• Master your emotions and take charge of your life.
• Lift

This approach to changing your life is not analytical and does not involve weeks or months of talking about the past. Instead, you establish what you want and use hypnosis to help you get it.

Andy specialises in a brief, solution-focused approach. That means that together you will focus on problem-solving and your future, rather than counselling, analysis, or exploration.
For over 20 years Andy was a Marketer in global companies ranging from drinks and brewing to skincare and consumer electronics.  During his time with Heineken, Andy became interested in personal and team development.  His coaching career began in 2011, when Andy first started using NLP techniques.  These skills have been supplemented with study in hypnosis and hypnotherapy to help bring about lasting change, quickly.


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Initial Hypnotherapy Consultation: 90 Minutes £120; 60 minutes £90

Stress and Anxiety Reduction Package: This package is designed to help clients manage and reduce stress and anxiety through hypnosis and other techniques. It will include sessions focused on relaxation techniques, visualization, and reframing negative thought patterns. 5 sessions over 8 weeks £450

Weight Management Package: This package is tailored to clients who want to achieve and maintain a healthy weight. Hypnotherapy can be used to address emotional eating, improve self-image, and reinforce positive habits related to exercise and nutrition.  No nutrition or dietary advice is offered.  6 sessions over 12 weeks £540

Confidence and Self-Esteem Boosting Package: Many clients seek hypnotherapy to enhance their self-confidence and self-esteem. This package can focus on building a positive self-image, overcoming self-doubt, and developing a more empowered mindset.   5 sessions over 8 weeks £450

Pain Management Package: Hypnotherapy can be used as an adjunctive tool for managing chronic pain and discomfort. This package will include sessions focused on relaxation, pain distraction, and changing perceptions of pain.   4 sessions over 6 weeks £360
Sleep Improvement Package: This package is aimed at helping clients improve their sleep quality and overcome insomnia. Hypnosis can be used to promote relaxation, address underlying causes of sleep disturbances, and establish healthy sleep patterns.   4 sessions over 6 weeks £360
Past Life Regression Therapy:  Past Life Regression is a technique which takes an individual back through their previous lives by accessing memories in the subconscious mind to help resolve current issues. 90 Minutes £120
Reiki Therapy - Reiki therapy is based on the Japanese belief that vital energy flows through your body. A Reiki practitioner uses gentle touch -- or places their hands just above your body -- to help guide this energy in a way that promotes balance and healing. 60 - 90 minutes £80


Contact Andy directly to book a treatment at Narture Studios, 34 Newmarket Street, Ayr.

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