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Ayesha Shahid - For the Love of Lemons

I am a Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach at For the Love of Lemons. My mission is to help individuals optimise their health and wellbeing, using food as medicine to nourish the body from the inside out. I run regular health workshops and events, as well as work with clients 1-2-1. I offer personalised nutrition plans, enabling individuals to reach their health goals and improve their overall wellbeing. If you struggle with sugar cravings, stress, fatigue, poor sleep, weight issues, female health, or you need some nutritional advice, please get in touch. I can help you take control of your own health, and support you to create sustainable lifestyle habits that stick.


At Narture Studios, I will be offering health

consultations, as well as regular health workshops.

Health Analysis (£55) (60 min)

Nourish 4 – weeks coaching (£155)

Nurture 6 weeks coaching (£225)

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Sleep More, Stress Less

Create healthy habits to help manage your stress levels and get a better night's sleep!

Wednesday 8th November 7-8.30pm
Narture Studios, 34 Newmarket St, Ayr, KA7 1LP

Nutrition and Lifestyle coach Ayesha, is back at Narture to bring you a workshop all about Sleep and Stress.
Stress is something most of us will have experienced at some time, and can have a huge impact our mood, digestion, hormones, immune system, heart, weight and sleep. When we are stressed, we can struggle to sleep and when we don't sleep, we can feel stressed. It is important that we manage our stress levels and get good restorative sleep, to prevent long term damage to our health.
During this workshop, Ayesha will offer tips and solutions to get better quality sleep, and reduce stress in your daily life to improve your overall wellbeing. We will look nutrition and lifestyle hacks to support the nervous system, creating a peaceful and calm state for body and mind.


Contact Ayesha direct to book in with her various services available at Narture Studios, 34 Newmarket Street, Ayr.

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