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Temples of Care

Collaborative exhibition with National Galleries of Scotland, artist Ursula Cheng & Recovery Ayr participants, which utilised the windows of a large 3 storey vacant property, which was previously used as Bread Arts Laboratory in 2019 and is currently viewable at 60 High St, Ayr.

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Creating Dangerously

Over a series of 2 months we collaborated to facilitate a series of creative, community engagement workshops based on notable artist Alberta Whittle’s (Scotland representative for the Venice Biennale 2022) new solo show at the National Galleries in Edinburgh. 

Inspired by Alberta’s themes of ‘creating dangerously’ by investigating the history behind Oswalds Temple on the Auchincruive Estate in Ayrshire, looking at the rich history of Ayrshire and portraying this in contemporary, playful ways.

Together, we explored how art can be used as a means of resistance - inspiring hope for a more compassionate future. 🫶🏽

The participants used their own artistic voices to share some of their powerful stories, inspired by Alberta’s creative practice which was then exhibited as a window exhibition at 58-62 High St, Ayr.

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