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Patricia RamAER:


'Between worlds, time, space, matter, air and ice. I stumble about staring indecently at erotic auroras, blindingly blue glaciers, at landscapes so giant I feel curiously dwarfed. Immersed, untethered, unable to absorb. This fragile sacred place makes me weep and warp. Ghostly pioneers and portals appear, I disappear.'

An installation created in response to a month spent in the High Arctic. The residency included an expedition on a Barquentine tall ship on which Patricia sailed up through the Svalbard Archipelago. They pushed up, avoiding storms and treacherous weather and eventually made it to 400km from the North Pole.

After staying with a local dog musher, Patricia found herself feeling in-between the harsh reality of the present and the ghosts who came before her.

Patricia plays with the state of being ‘between’ and documents the transient, the unseen. Expect photography, film, artworks and objects that allow you to creep under the skin of the first explorers.

Pure Arctic energy is infused within every inch of this exhibition, revealing the divinity of this unique landscape and capturing its purity before it is lost forever. What is between remains unseen, until now.



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