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(The Collective Responsible For) :

Quattro di Bacchette

The Collective Responsible For is an anonymous art collective, which uses the alias Jane Smith in communications with the world.


Quattro di Bacchettes's key themes are celebrations and happiness, completion, harmony, new beginnings and pleasure.

Quattro di Bacchette is a celebration of freedom. A message to take time to enjoy the fruits of your exploration, performed in service of the 3. This celebration is well deserved; your freedom has been won through struggle. The plateau you have reached has been attained through personal power.

The four-sided square is an especially stable, balanced shape; there are four seasons in the year, four cardinal directions and four suits in the tarot. Four is a quartet, a quadratic equation, quadruple the fun, a foursome, and a fourfold path to freedom.

This exhibition showcased a body of work created on an Italian residency with The Museum of Loss and Renewal. The residency took place in a small village called Collemacchia, Filignano in the summer of 2017.

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