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Off Contact

Riso print and ceramic exhibition
by Laura Lightbody and Beth Farmer

'Off Contact’, explores the collaborative space between their individual creative practices. By continually working together and sharing their creative process, the artists create cohesive and harmonious work that embodies the collective vision they've developed throughout their collaboration. This method celebrates the value of creative exchange, and the ability to merge individual skills into a unified artistic expression. Come and experience the captivating works of these talented artists up close.

Beth Farmer is a visual artist who lives and works in Glasgow. Curiosity drives her practice, exploring the human experience of art making and how the immersion of body and mind into that process can have healing benefits. Beths mark-making practice reflects the impermanent nature of the human body's sensations and emotions, whilst simultaneously making a permanent record of individual moments in time, thus making the invisible visible. Laura Lightbody is a ceramic artist who studied at the Glasgow School of Art and who lives and works in the Southside of the city. Her work is both functional and decorative and is characterised by its use of bright colours, surface patterns, and clean geometric forms. Laura works in both 2D and 3D, and her pieces are often inspired by simple motifs from everyday life. The artists met during collaborative project Aural Textiles in 2018 which explored the use of sound as a starting point for pattern design. Their collaboration was formed from their love of bold surface patterns. They found many commonalities in their practice; their affinity for screen-printing, the use of paper stencils and instinctive use of colour.

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