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Pigmented Portraiture

As humans, we are naturally intrigued by other humans: in the way that we differ and the way we relate. Through digital photography, Wright explores a range of people who fascinate her in various ways and tampers with their appearance. The sitters range from family and old friends, to new acquaintances.

Wright explores her curiosity of individuality while playing with colour, pattern and texture. Although doused in glitter, fake eye lashes and theatrical face-paint, the sitter is captured in such a moment of unawareness that a glimpse of their personality is revealed. By catching a person in the pivotal moment between unawareness and self-consciousness, the artist experiments with the barriers of comfort between people.

Both natural and man-made pattern are reoccurring features in Wright’s work. In this exhibition, the artist alters the natural colour pallet of the sitter, using synthetic materials to both enhance and detract from their natural complexions.

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