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we bake real bread to earn the dough to fund arts projects

Using our loaves
to fund arts projects

Our speciality is handmade sourdough produce, freshly baked daily, for taste and the health of the gut. Narture’s objective is to re-invest all surplus profits into creative projects, as an instigator of town centre regeneration. Explore Narture Studios and Make at 34 & 30 Newmarket Street. The space hosts community dark room, Riso printer, exhibitions, events, workshops, holistic therapies and talks based on Narture’s three core pillars of:


Creativity ~ Sustainability ~ Wellbeing


Our Mission

Support Local

Zero Waste




Narture’s award winning Sourdough Bakery and acclaimed Artisan Café, are currently the core income generators of the social enterprise, with surplus profits going back into our arts and culture projects. The bakery was recently awarded Bread Bakery of the Year by Prestige Scotland for the second year running. As part of our social purpose, we also donate produce to local food banks. The latest projects Narture Studios and Make are spaces to facilitate wellbeing and creative practitioners to deliver therapies, shop stocking local makers work, workshops, exhibitions and events on our three core pillars:

creativity • sustainability • wellbeing

Bakery/ Make - Online Shop

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Make- art, design, homeware, gifts...


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Blurred Line Exhibition

TUES- SAT 10am-3pm

MAKE by Narture Studios
30 Newmarket St, Ayr, KA7 1LP

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Riso Print workshop

Saturday 9th March 

MAKE by Narture Studios,
30 Newmarket St, Ayr, KA7 1LP

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Introduction to Sourdough

Baking Workshop

Sunday 18th February

Sourdough Bakery 
3 Cathcart St, Ayr KA7 1BJ

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