Visual diary

FreshAyr was started as an online project on April 18 2016. So, we thought it was appropriate, due to COVID-19 to return to an online presence recording our daily experiments in a visual diary.

Each day we want to document, record and ultimately interact with participants moment by moment. 

We have created a lot of material since we decided to document our daily experiments playing with our food. 


In the past we became aware there are for many reason people can not physically visit us and for this reason we are exploring how we can make our website more interactive and develop a virtual gallery with live streaming.

We are trying to design our website to symbolise our principle of circularity. This is something we discussed with the West of Scotland University (Ayr Campus) as part of their BA (Hons) New Media Art Course and plan to collaborate with them when lockdown is lifted.


From here you can go to what we are working on today or look at what we have done previously.