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The Nature Library

The Nature Library is a reference library and reading space celebrating the endless connections between land, sky and sea.

Popping up in public spaces across Scotland, its travelling shelves hold many branches of nature writing from the classic to the contemporary, fiction and non fiction, memoir, poetry and children’s books.

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1st-30th June 2023

For the entire month of June The Nature Library filled the shelves of Narture Cafe in Ayr. Stories of how the earth feeds and nurtures us was at the heart of the collection: agriculture and food production to gardening and the teachings of plants; cooking, eating and sharing to land use and ownership; flora, fauna and the intricate ecosystems of which they’re a part; systems that bring food to the table, and those which take it away.

The Nature Library shared their collection of books exploring their ethos and vision, as well as a wide selection of the usual Nature Library favourites.

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